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Swimming with dolphins in Cancun Interactive Aquarium

“To close our eyes to nature only blinds us in a fool’s paradise”

– Jacques Cousteau

This quote of the French marine researcher is one of the many reasons why aquariums turn out to be so important to discover the universe, which would otherwise be practically impossible to understand. Cancun Interactive Aquarium is unique/one-of-a-kind among aquariums in Mexico, and here’s why. 

With over 1,195 species and the possibility to experience swimming with dolphins in Cancun, this Aquarium stands out from the rest because nowhere else will you have the incredible opportunity to interact this close to the Ocean’s most intelligent mammal: dolphins. 

What can you do at Cancun Interactive Aquarium?

There are many options to make the most out of this place in the Mexican Caribbean. Visit the Cancun Aquarium, discover your options and plan your visit!

1. Fish tanks

Amidst spotted moray eels, globefish seahorses, or surgeonfish, you can learn a lot about the marine ecosystem and the species that live in it. Those are only some of the fishes you’ll find in this Aquarium that will take your breath away. 

2. Contact area

Can you imagine holding a beautiful starfish in your hands? Here, you will be able to do it with no risk at all, as well as touching rays, sea cucumbers or sea hedgehogs. Always supervised by the Aquarium’s staff, not only will you see, but also touch some of your favourite marine species.

 3. Ipad Zone

This zone is ideal for kids, since they’ll be able to learn through amazing activities and didactic apps. Besides, they will also put in practice all the knowledge they acquired during their visit.

 4. Aquatic mammals

Of all the activities in the Cancun Aquarium, swimming with dolphins is the most required.

Bottlenose dolphins are 2.7 meters long and weigh 200 kg. They are one of the major actors in this activity! You will be able to kiss them, hug them, dance and swim with them, in a completely safe environment, guided all the time for an Animal Care Specialist.

However, you won’t be able to swim only with dolphins. The sea wolf is another incredible specie that will help you to learn more about them and their importance for ecosystem balance.

Where is the Cancun Aquarium?

Cancun Interactive Aquarium is in a privileged zone of the city, because it’s located inside the Commercial Centre “La Isla”. Here, you can spend the morning to swim with dolphins and then, enjoy one of the best restaurants in the area, “Thai”. After that, go shopping in the best stores.

The Cancun Aquarium is open the whole year from 9 am to 8 pm. We suggest you to book your swim with dolphins with plenty of time. Choose between the different options and enjoy this unique experience!

Swim with dolphins at the INTERACTIVE AQUARIUM CANCUN

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