What does my Interactive Aquarium Entrance include?

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What does my Interactive Aquarium Entrance include?
Find out here what your Interactive Aquarium entrance include to share and enjoy with family and friends. Many activities for your next vacation in one place.

One of the biggest attractions in Cancun is, without a doubt, the underwater world of the Interactive Aquarium, placed in La Isla Shopping Village, Kukulkan Boulevard. A place to learn and enjoy with the family or friends. 

Inside of it you can reach different marine species as invertebrates: sea urchins, starfishes or reptiles, as turtles. Also, you can find fish species like the famous palette surgeon fish, yellow surgeon fish, veliferous surgeon fish and mammals as the dolphin or sea lions, among others that you can’t miss it. 

But… What does my Interactive Aquarium Entrance include? Here are some questions that will help you to plan your visit and take the most out of its areas.

What is the ticket's cost? 

The ticket costs only 15.00 USD per person, adults and children pay the same price, only children under 5 years do not pay the ticket entrance. Notice that the price in Mexican Pesos may vary depending on the exchange rate.  If you are quintanarroense, you can get a 50% discount off by presenting your INE or school ID, if your are a minor. The INAPAM credential for older adult is also accepted. 


The Interactive Aquarium is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, each day from Monday to Sunday. Remember that everyday there is a dolphins' presentation at 7:00 pm, but in seasons like Semana Santa, summer and winter, there are two different schedules for the presentation: 06:30 pm y 07:30 pm.

Now, let’s talk about the time it takes to walk the Aquarium. It will take you approximately 30 to 40 minutes, but it will vary depending on your interests, since you can do activities with extra cost such as visiting the incredible Reef Fish Tank of the Aquarium, where you can do the Aquarium Trek that is a small walk under water, admiring, touching and feeding some marine species or pamper yourself with a massage in the Fish Spa, to remove dead cells.

In the end, you decide whether to spend more time in the fishbowl area, getting to know the different species, touching some echinoderms such as starfish, in the contact area, playing and learning in the iPad area- an entertaining activity for children, or simply in the auditorium, watching documentaries about marine life and environmental protection.


<Like fish in the water! Immerse yourself in marine life with the Aquarium Trek>

And if all the above activities are not enough, the Aquarium offer Swim with Dolphins that yo can enjoy with family and friends regardless age.  

How to book? You can buy your swim directly at the Aquarium box office, calling the telephone line 998. 206.3311 or on the website, where you can learn about the programs in which these amazing marine mammals develop activities.

Premium 04 Salto de Barra


<Find out here where to buy your swim with dolphins>

What if you get out of the Aquarium?  Whether you are walking around the mall or going to eat/lunch if you want to come back to the Cancun Interactive Aquarium, you can do it!! using then bracelet that was put on the entrance, the same day. So you can enjoy the Dolphins and Sea Lions presentation, before closing. If you lose this bracelet, you won’t be able to enter it again. 

Don’t forget that planning your visit ahead, you can get discounts in dolphin swims for advance purchase. The point is, you enjoy the best way and take advantage of the promotions that you can find on the site of the Cancun Interactive Aquarium.

Remember that you comfort is fist, for that reason, we recommend you attend with comfortable clothes and your favourite swimsuit/bathing suit, just in case you feel like doing an activity in the water. 

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