What kind of species are in the Aquarium?

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What kind of species are in the Aquarium?
Find out what species you can meet and interact with at the Cancun's Interactive Aquarium.

The marine world has such an incredible number of extraordinary species that at least 2,000 new beings are discovered every year. It is estimated that humans known at least 2%of these ocean animals. 

At the Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium there is a  vast variety of marine species that you can’t miss. For example, in saltwater fish tanks is the Globe Fish known scientifically as Diodon hystrix, scientists say that the fish is inflated as a defense strategy. 


In the invertebrates we have the Hermit Crab its scientific name Stenorhynchus seticornis, this crustacean is believed to live up to 100 years. As a particularly old species of crab, it is often referred to as a living fossil.

In the river water system we have the Red Ear Turtle, scientifically named Trachemys scripta elegans. It is distinguished by being a good swimmer and sunbathing on rocks, trunks, or other surfaces above water, thus resorting to external sources of heat and maintaining adequate body temperature indices.

Last but not least, we present the Piranha Red Belly also known as Pygocentrus nattereri. This specimen is one of the most famous fish for its dangerousness, it has a promitente jaw full of sharp teeth that cross when close its mouth. 

Visiting the Interactive Aquarium of Cancun you will be able to know some of the species that are inside our majestic planet. You will discover the magic that is embedded in the depths of the wide seas. 

Likewise, you will be able to enjoy the Aquarium Trek experience, an underwater walk in which you can interact with these majestic beings. 

Also, you will have the option of swimming with Dolphins, where you will be able to interact with these beautiful marine mammals and you will get to know important  information for the care of their habitat.

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You will be amazed by the number of beings that you will discover and know here.

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